Brown Funeral Home Hillsboro staff
Brown Funeral Home Hillsboro staff

What is Pre-arranging?

Preplanning, also called prearranging, is taking care of your service details before the need arises.  In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of individuals choosing to preplan their own funeral.

Why Pre-arrange?

Everyday we plan ahead for situations and events, such as education, starting a family, vacations, weddings and retirement.  We even purchase insurance coverage for things that could happen, but may not, during the course of our lifetime (for example:  fire insurance for our home, car insurance for the possiblity of an accident, or personal life insurance).

All things considered, shouldn’t we also think ahead to preplan our funeral service?  It is never easy to think about arranging your funeral, but knowing loved ones wishes in advance is easier than coping with them in a time of need.

Benefits of Pre-arranging

  • Allows you to make logical and rational decisions at a more comfortable, less emotional time.
  • You can choose the type of service that best fits your beliefs and needs, as well as your preferences (church service, simple memorial, burial or cremation).
  • Ensures a better understanding of possible benefits for your survivors at your time of death, such as social security, veteran benefits and life insurance claims.
  • Helps to relieve the financial and emotional burden left on your family and friends.
  • Easy payment plans designed with your financial needs in mind.
  • Payment options include:  12 and 18 months same as cash, 3 , 5, 7, and 10 year plan available to qualifying individuals.

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